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Treatment Protocol
Drug Free Residential Rehabilitation services
  1. Medical
  2. Psychological (Community Therapy Model)
  3. Yoga and Naturopathy
  4. Family Assistance Programme
  5. Aftercare and rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation.
Residential Rehabilitation is a holistic approach toward healing and leading a drug free life style. As member of Nai Kiran community you examine attitudes and behaviors that have proved stumbling blocks in their path to remain drug free and learn new healthy behaviors. In a 24 hour structured program, members learn how to heal, how to cope with everyday situations and how to stay drug free through individual, group and other community therapies. Recreational activities, life skill training continues after the detoxification. This empowering treatment entails:
  • Long term intervention averaging 4-5 months.
  • 24 hour / 7 days a week structured behavior management program.
  • Dual Diagnosis assessment and treatment under supervision of a mental health professional.
  • Orientation to Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous program.
  • Group living, individual therapy, educational inputs, daily living skills ( Kitchen ,House Keeping , Patient care, Recreational & record keeping etc.) and vocational skills
  • Nutritional education and recreational activities.
  • Assessment and referral.
Input sessions
Input sessions are interactive educational sessions facilitated by experts /peer educators At Nai Kiran is away of learning together. Each input session is followed by a question-answer session.
The main topics discussed are given below with corresponding reference to the therapeutic goals.
  1. HIV/AIDS: Information about what is HIV, how it is transmitted, risk factors etc. is given in a comprehensive way.
  2. Substance abuse: Information about various drugs and addiction their effects is given.
  3. Psychiatric complications: Substance abuse is closely related with psychiatric problems. Various issues involved are explained in detail.
  4. Sexual problems and addiction: This is one of the most important subjects.
  5. Serenity prayer: Nai Kiran believes that serenity prayer is the most effective tool in the recovery process. The prayer is explained by illustrating various life experiences.
  6. Physical, mental social ,occupational health and fitness: Qualified trainer explains nurturing physical health.
  7. First four steps of AA: Four separate sessions are organized to explain first four steps. Powerlessness over addiction, unmanageability of life, higher power, and self-inventory are explained in detail.
  8. Meditation and awareness: Information about different types of meditation and awareness
  9. Hobbies and creativity: Inmates are given the opportunity of using creative instances for happy and healthy living.
  10. Anger control: Anger is a very common problem with addicts. Various tools of expressing and ventilating anger are explained.

Goal: Empowering Recovery & Rehabilitation.

Psychological goal: to change the negative patterns of behavior, thinking and feeling that predisposes to drug use and dependence.

Social goal: To develop an empowering productive and responsible drugs free Life-style.


  1. It provides highly structured environment, which stresses honesty, trust and self help.
  2. It provides daily group counseling, seminars and individual activities and assigns house responsibilities.
  3. It serves to teach the residents basic co-operation, responsibility, respect and discipline.
  4. Lays more emphasis on family values and participation.
  5. Using positive peer influence and fellowship.
  6. Lays emphasis on conventional and pro-social values through modeling by staff and peers.
  7. Involvement and participation.
  8. Co-operative efforts/mutual assistance.