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Nai Kiran Rehabilitation services include post detoxification peer based community therapy, a multi stage behavior management program (three month in-house program).This primary Rehabilitation is followed by after care and vocational rehabilitation.

Nai Kiran Rehabilitation Center's interventions are based on peer led community therapy model. In this model, rehabilitation is a participatory process which aims at self efficacy in terms of feeling, thinking and behavior. Nai Kiran believes that drug addiction is a progressive, relapsing and treatable family disease.

Nai Kiran experience shows that community based, structured, collaborative but personalized psycho -social tools and therapies can help the people living with addiction problem in a meaningful manner.

Nai Kiran staff extends total support and assistance to achieve rehabilitation of every individual and his family to the path of drug free life.

Support Groups: AA and Al-Anon

People living with the problem of addiction and their family members are encouraged to attend Alcoholics/Narcotic Anonymous (AA/N.A) and Al-Anon meetings (For family members) .
  • God grant me the serenity
  • To accept the things I cannot change
  • Courage to change the things I can
  • And wisdom to know the difference

About Alcoholic Anonymous A.A.

Minimum Standard of Care
Nai Kiran Rehabilitation Centers follow the Minimum Standard of Care guidelines issued by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India