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Admission Information
Looking for a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center ? Nai Kiran Drug Rehabilitation Services are caring and safe, where you can learn how to live sober, productive life and discover best of your potential.
The biggest question.. What is after "Detoxification" ?? Most of us need a structured, healthy environment where healing can continue and new coping skills can be learned. We know you can succeed in staying sober.
You just need a little help. That`s what we`re here for.

Admission Procedure
you should take prior appointment for admission.
Expenditure for boarding and extra facilities charged. This amount is to be paid in cash at the time of admission. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Charges for medicines or pathological tests prescribed by the Doctor will have to be paid extra.
Besides his rehabilitation and minor medical problems, if he falls sick due to any other illness, then parents and guardians are responsible for his extra treatment. During in-house stay, the patients have to follow all the rules and regulations very strictly.
Relatives are allowed to meet their patients with prior appointment.
No one is allowed to meet the patient on any other day.

Bring on Day of Admission
Bring details and history of any previous medical complications, psychiatric illness allergies and treatment .
Things to bring
At the time of admission, please bring the following personal items:
  1. Two Sets of White Kurta & Pajama
  2. Two to Three sets of Undergarments
  3. Casual Clothing - Pant/ T. Shirt
  4. Two Towels
  5. Rubber Slippers
  6. Small Lock & Key for Personal Locker
  7. Chaddar/Bed Sheet
  8. Disposable Twin Blade Razor + Shaving Kit
  9. Personal hygiene items like Toothbrush & Toothpaste Bathing Soap + Box, Shampoo
  10. Hair Oil
  11. Washing Soap, Detergent
  12. Talcum Powder
  13. Note Book and Pen
  14. Hair Comb
Leave at Home
  1. Cell Phone
  2. Weapons (Knives, Guns etc.)
  3. Cameras / Video Cameras
  4. Radios, CD Players, Walkmans
  5. Mouthwash
  6. Herbs, Vitamins or Over-the-Counter Medications (Aspirin).