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About Us
To help and support the families living with the problem of drugs, alcohol, violence and HIV/AIDS by promoting community based peer led interventions and alcohol free lifestyle among the young people and slum population.

An empowering drug free India.

Nai Kiran evolved like a process of empowerment and took a shape of social entrepreneurship of a person addicted to drugs and alcohol who lost everything and later eschewed addiction.

Bharat Bhushan, a businessman who passed through a deep sense of pain in his life because of drug and alcohol addiction. The problem of alcohol among villagers of North Delhi was rampant. Bharat Bhushan realized that he can not do it alone. He founded a series of Nai Kiran peer led Drug Rehabilitation Centers in different parts of northern India with the support of village communities, volunteers, peer counselors & educators, Nada India Foundation and mental health professionals like psychiatrist, social workers and Govt. officials.

Nai Kiran Society is a member of Nada India Network, ARPAN (Association of Recovering Peer Action Network Delhi) and founding member & General Secretary of Haryana NGO Network for Peer led Alcohol & Drug Prevention.

Networking and advocacy for barrier free services
Nai Kiran has been facilitated an effective referral system with government and other non governmental bodies so as to form a continuum of care and support to substance users and persons affected or afflicted by substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Nai Kiran networked with other partner NGOs in order to strengthen treatment and rehabilitation responses and ensure sustainability and impact.

Nai KIiran Society has been a network member of Nada India Network and consistently getting training inputs and consultancy in implementing the Minimum Standards of Care guidelines issued by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for de-addiction center.

Nai Kiran is also member of ARPAN (Association of Recovering People Action Network), an initiative of Nada India. This network advocates for quality peer education and counseling in drug and alcohol prevention and rehabilitation.

Staff of Nai Kiran regularly attended training programs organized by Navjyoti Drug Demand Reduction and Training Institute.

Outreach services:
Providing barrier free rehabilitation services and more closer to the community where people are at has been one of the major efforts of the Nai Kiran with a focus on whole person recovery. The Nai Kiran Society is actively involved in organizing prevention programmes in rural areas and urban slums, stressing on early identification and intervention. These include prevention activities in collaboration with the local police, schools, department of Social welfare State government and several non-governmental organizations on regular basis.
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